Q. We need to manage the accounts of several practices and several specialties with one system. Would we have to buy another set of software every time we add a new account?
A. Each practice is maintained as a separate entity on your HMS system. And because each entity is parameter driven, your initial software investment grows with your business growth. The HMS system is adaptable to any medical specialty by setting parameters for each unique practice.

Q. Using your company for software or services, how will you keep us informed when new government regulations are passed that affect my practice?
A. HMS automatically sends out the appropriate software to comply with mandated changes. This is a tremendous service that we give our clients without their even asking for it.

Q. Does your company have a current compliance program that will protect me as a user of your services?
A. HMS is firmly committed to the establishment and enforcement of the ethical standards as outlined in our own HMS Corporate Compliance Plan, and expects all employees within HMS to abide by these standards. HMS is committed to the policies and procedures as dictated by HIPAA.

Q. Does your company have an active users group?
A. HMS has an active users group that is headed up by our clients with participation by HMS as requested by the group.

Q. What kind of training can we expect if we purchase your hardware and software?
A. Training is key to the success of any system. We give your staff professional, on-site training to help them quickly master their new system. We also teach them how to handle patient phone calls, interpret reports, as well as suggest other procedures to maximize their productivity.