The business side of your medical practice requires a level of competence and reliability that can be attained only by years of experience.

Since 1976, HealthCare Management Systems has provided the very best in

  • Accounts receivable management,
  • Billing and management turnkey computer system, and
  • Comprehensive consulting services to hospital-based physician groups.

While our mission has been to maximize the net collections of our Radiology, Anesthesiology and Pathology clients, we have always subscribed to the highest fiduciary standards and management principles. By listening carefully and working closely with our groups, we provide the systems and solutions necessary for success in today's medical business environment.

CodeRyte’s computer-assisted coding technology automatically identifies CPT codes and ICD codes

CodeRyte is the premier provider of computer-assisted coding solutions for the healthcare industry. HMS relies on CodeRyte to streamline the coding process and help secure your complete rightful reimbursement, enhance compliance and minimize denials. CodeRyte’s computer-assisted coding technology uses natural language processing to automatically identify CPT codes and ICD codes for medical billing.