A sound investment in the future success of your practice.

HMS was founded in 1976 to provide billing solutions to university physicians. Since that time, we've installed hundreds of systems for the healthcare community, covering a wide variety of specialties. HMS dedicates products and services to the needs of hospital-based specialties, recognizing the unique challenges of each branch of medicine. Because each installation is parameter controlled, the HMS system is perfect for the billing service industry as well.

HMS consists of two divisions to serve the needs of hospital-based physicians.

The Turnkey Division combines powerful industry-standard hardware and the HMS Medical Management System software for practices that desire their own independent billing operation. Radiology, Pathology, Anesthesia, and Emergency Room practices each utilize HMS software specific to their own specialty. Throughout the Medical Management System software, the focus is trifold. HMS' goals are to:

  • Provide the most automation possible
  • Provide the best reporting of practice information available
  • Provide the easiest mechanisms for users to enjoy in day-to-day operation

Additionally, the HMS Practice Management Division provides billing outsource solutions for groups who do not wish to face the challenge of an internal billing operation. HMS employs experts to monitor the constant changes for each specialty. Our staff consists of experts in system design, programming, technology, communications, education and reimbursement. These professionals assure that the products and services you receive from HMS meet the latest technological standards, as well as enhance productivity today and tomorrow. Because we keep pace with changes occurring in the healthcare industry, you can feel confident about your investment in the future.

These two divisions working together strengthen the products and services provided to the medical community. Because HMS bills and collects for Radiology, Anesthesia, Pathology, and Emergency Room practices, Turnkey users can be confident the software provided to them from HMS includes the latest collection and information tools available. Similarly, operating billing offices for the Management Division, HMS is constantly learning through actual experience and updating the Medical Management Software for the benefit of HMS Turnkey users.